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Municipal Law Profile

This law firm is able to provide legal services to municipalities. We are skilled in the legislative process, the amendment and interpretation of ordinances and regulations, parliamentary and due process procedures, and litigation.

In addition, we are skilled on a practical level with land development rules and regulations and in land planning practices so that we understand not only the municipal government as the regulator but the person or entity or practice being regulated. We also understand the interplay and the politics between the County in which the municipality may be located and the effect of County government on the municipality.

Close contact is maintained with Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, Carroll County and Howard County planning, zoning, subdivision and development agencies and we are familiar with their regulations and policies. We review those practices and policies regularly to see what regulations, policies and procedures are most effective. We are familiar with the Maryland Constitution, Home Rule, Article 23A, Article 66B and the myriad of other Federal, State, County and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that affect municipalities.

Cynthia Hitt Kent (formerly Cynthia K. Hitt) has been legal counsel to several innovative public-private and State-Town partnerships in the areas of sewer treatment plants, tourism and economic development, and the preservation of structures and areas relevant to Town history. Cynthia Hitt Kent actively participated as a volunteer working closely in cooperation with Baltimore City and Baltimore County to achieve a shift in solid waste management away from incineration and land fill disposal to recycling. Ms. Kent was also an active participant in the Maryland Municipal League's Task Force on Municipal Infractions.

The law firm also has extensive experience in the basic day to day operations of a municipality ranging from personnel issues to fiscal management. Ms. Kent has counseled clients on the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights, competitive bidding practices and grant programs.

The law firm maintains an active interest in legislative issues and as a result, we are aware of recent developments in the law as they occur. Due to extensive experience with litigation on the trial and appellate court levels, the firm has a seasoned awareness of the case law on ordinance interpretation, due process, and enforcement.

This Law Office is technologically advanced to provide clients with prompt and quality work product and sound legal advice and expertise. We are committed to our municipal clients and we strive in every way to meet their legal needs.


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